Interested in having a custom painting done just for you? This is the place to start! Look below for information 

How do we start? 

First, thanks so much for your interest! I'm looking forward to working with you! 

The very first stages include choosing the size of your painting and the timeline we'll be working on. (Please keep in mind that around the holidays commission timelines will be a bit backed up.)

When this has been decided 50% of the cost is due up front and is non-refundable. The other 50% will be paid upon completion. 

Commissions all begin with a sketch after you've provided the photographs I'll be working from. Several photos are better than one as it allows me to see different details and aspects of personality. Photos can be sent to my email at:

How Long Does It Take? 

The time it will take me to complete your painting depends on the size of the work, the complexity of it, and how much work I currently have on hand.

Around the holidays this may be extended. I will let you know at the initial inquiry what my current timeline is. Please let me know if it needs to be rushed! 

Painting Sizes and Price 

**All prices included initial sketch and consultation. This is for an original watercolor on paper. Shipping, Matting and Framing are separate. 

2.5"x3.5"         $20.00


5"x7"               $60.00

8"x10"             $75.00

11"x14"            $120.00

12"x16"            $150.00

16"x20"            $175.00

Send me a message to get started! 
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